Infected Calcite is a Gemsona made by Silk.


Before going to Sporarum, Bumblebee Jasper was a gentle, loving soul, and never stung a single person, not even just because it would kill her. However, after a few days of being on Sporarum, liop changed; liop started growing fungal infections that controlled lim mind. Liop became destructive, predatory (feeding on lim friend´s eyes and gem because liop thought she was prey). Lim stings became more abundant, and no longer costed lim life. 


Infected Calcite has a large, white mushroom growing from lim head. Lim eyes are completely dark. On lim back, liop has two net-like wings. Liop grows mold on lim body. Like a bee, lim body is divided into three segments: the head, a thorax, and an abdomen. On lim abdomin, liop grows stool mushrooms. And the feet that formerly resembled large shoes, are now replaced with a devil´ś tooth-like fungus. Finally, on lim gem is a cordyceps-like mushroom growing out of it.

Weapons & Abilities

Infected Calcite cannot fuse, shapeshift, nor produce light from her Gem (however, the mushrooms on lim body do glow in the dark.)

Unique Abilities

  • Spore Release: Infected Calcite can release spores into the air.
  • Sting: Infected Calcite can produce a harsh, poisonous sting multiple times.
  • Weak flight: Infected Calcite can fly, but only for short distances, and a few feet above ground. This is because lim wings were replaced with nets.
  • Parasitism: Infected Calcite can parasitize on plants for energy.