PP cooks her food before putting her fire out.

Blue Galatea Pearl severely slices Autumn Pearl with a sword.

Mural Pearl passes out from exhaustion.

Mabe Pearl receives a hatchet from an unknown sponsor.

CP unknowingly eats toxic berries.

Old Peridot's Pearl stays awake all night.

Peppermint Pearl lets Arsenic Pearl into her shelter.

GP and Aqua Aura Pearl talk about the tributes still alive.

Explosive Pearl tends to her wounds.

Aqua Aura Pearl makes a slingshot.

Mural Pearl receives an explosive from an unknown sponsor.

GP constructs a shack.

Mabe Pearl collects fruit from a tree.

PP receives medical supplies from an unknown sponsor.

Explosive Pearl receives a hatchet from an unknown sponsor.

Blue Galatea Pearl and Peppermint Pearl split up to search for resources.

Arsenic Pearl and Old Peridot's Pearl hunt for other tributes.

2 cannon shots can be heard in the distance.

Autumn Pearl District 11

CP District 1