Autumn Pearl and Mabe Pearl tell stories about themselves to each other.

PP forces Aqua Aura Pearl to kill Underground Pearl or Caramel Pearl. She decides to kill Caramel Pearl.

Peppermint Pearl questions her sanity.

Old Peridot's Pearl tends to her wounds.

Arsenic Pearl tries to sing herself to sleep.

Mural Pearl receives clean water from an unknown sponsor.

CP receives clean water from an unknown sponsor.

Explosive Pearl passes out from exhaustion.

Blue Galatea Pearl sees a fire, but stays hidden.

Yellow Pearl dies from hunger.

GP sets an explosive off, killing NBP, Mahogany Pearl, Pearl and Paranormal Pearl.

GP discovers a river.

Autumn Pearl and Peppermint Pearl work together for the day.

Old Peridot's Pearl, Mabe Pearl, Explosive Pearl, and Aqua Aura Pearl raid PP's camp while she is hunting.

Mural Pearl bashes Underground Pearl's head in with a mace.

CP picks flowers.

Blue Galatea Pearl makes a wooden spear.

Arsenic Pearl receives a hatchet from an unknown sponsor.

7 cannon shots can be heard in the distance.

Caramel Pearl - District 6

Yellow Pearl - District 3

NBP - District 4

Mahogany Pearl - District 2

Pearl - District 7

Paranormal Pearl - District 12

Underground Pearl - District 8